Policies & Forms

Every organization has to have policies – and Evergreen is no exception.   The policies (see links below) provided on this page include our Privacy Practice Notification and Patient Enrollment Packet

The Privacy Practice Notification details the handling of your PHI (Patient Health Information).   The Patient Enrollment Packet must be completed, submitted and approved to become a patient at Evergreen Family Medicine.   Once your Patient Enrollment Packet has been processed, you will receive a Patient Registration form that must be completed and returned. 

Our newest policy relates to Durable Medical Equipment (DME). We have implemented this policy to try to protect our patients. It is important that you read this new policy! If you are not familiar with DME, visit  www.Medicare.gov  to learn more. 

These Policies and Forms are provided for your convenience.


Privacy Practice Notification

Durable Medical Equipment Policy (DME)

Well-Child Brochure

(NOTE: If you are suffering a medical emergency, please call 911)