Why am I getting a bill?
You are getting a bill because your insurance company has responded to your claim. If you feel the information may be incorrect, contact your insurance company before you contact our office. You man also make a payment on your patient portal or call the office.

Where do I send my payment?
Please mail payments to the return address on your statement or drop it by the office.

Can I pay my Mercy Medical Center bill here?
No, you cannot pay your Mercy Medical Center bills at Evergreen Family Medicine. Please call Mercy Medical Center for all billing and cost related questions that deal with x-ray and lab – (541)677-3537 or (541)375-2540.

Do you accept my insurance?
Please contact your insurance company first and specify “Centennial Medical Group East, doing business as Evergreen Family Medicine” as the clinic.

Why does my bill for diagnostic testing say Mercy Medical Center on it when I had the tests done at Evergreen Family Medicine?
Our diagnostic services are an outpatient service of Mercy Medical Center. All billing of x-ray, lab, or ultrasound is done through Mercy.

Where do I inquire about x-ray and lab costs?
Please call Mercy Medical Center for all billing and cost related questions that deal with x-ray and lab – (541)677-3537 or (541)375-2540.

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Can an Urgent Care doctor be my primary care provider?
No, Urgent Care Providers do not practice family medicine, they treat walk in patients only.

Can I switch providers?
Under special circumstances and approved by the family practice manager.

Why is there an enrollment process to become a patient?
The enrollment process is used to determine whether our clinic can provide the best care for you.

Can I make an appointment for Urgent Care?
Currently not at this time.

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Can I get a prescription without being seen?
All patients must be seen before any new medication, including antibiotics, can be prescribed.   Periodically, you may also be required to make a follow up appointment before additional refills are approved so that your provider may monitor your health and determine if the current treatment is appropriate.

When will my prescription be ready?
Please allow up to 48 hours notice for all refill requests.

How do I request a prescription?
For fastest service, please contact your pharmacy and they will send a request to your provider.

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Patient Portal
Do I need a PIN (personal identification number) to login?
No. You simply need to be registered with a username and a password.

How do I register for the Portal?
The fastest way to register is to call us at 541-677-7200. Ask to be registered for the Portal and be ready to give us your email address. You will be given a temporary password which you may change after you first log in.

How do I find my labs on the Portal?
Once you have logged into your portal:
  • Navigate to the My Health option on the left hand side of the page.
  • Navigate to the drop down option Test Results.
  • Your labs and imaging results will display on the main screen.

Why can’t I access my Portal account?
You many not be registered for the Portal or may have registered so long ago that you still have a PIN number, which are no longer used.   Please register or update your registration by calling us at 541-677-7200 and let the receptionist know you would like register or update your information.   Once registered you may access the portal by clicking on the Portal button at the top right side of this webpage or our home page.

Why can't I view my test results in the patient portal?
It is your provider's discretion to make your test results available.   Your provider must authorize the release of your test results in order for them to be posted on your patient portal account.   Only test results which are considered appropriate for release will be accessible through the patient portal.   Generally speaking, tests of a very sensitive nature may not be released through the patient portal.

Why can’t I access my Portal account?
You must be registered for the Portal with an email and password. If you would like to register, are currently registered and have forgotten your password or previously used a PIN to log into your account, please give us a call at 541-677-7200 and ask for assistance with these areas of need. Calling us or having us sign you up in the clinic when you visit is the fastest way to accomodate you.

How do I add family members to my Portal account?
You may call us at 541-677-7200 and we can connect your accounts over the phone. Otherwise, Navigate to and click the My Profile link on the left hand side.   From the additional selections, click on Family and Guarantor Access.   Follow the instructions that are displayed on the main screen.

How do I change contact preferences?
Navigate to and click the My Profile link on the left hand side.   Select Contact Preferencesfrom the additional options.   Deselect the boxes of notification types that you wish to not receive.   Scroll to the bottom of the page and select Save.

Why do I keep getting automated calls?
These calls are trying to relay important information to you, such as lab or imaging results and appointment reminders.   The automated calls will continue to try and deliver this message until you have indicated that you have received the call, either via the automated call or on the patient portal. You may set your preferences for notifications after you log into the Portal. Text message notifications are also an option. Rates and charges by your carrier may apply.

Can I pay my bill through the Portal?
  • 1. Click on the Billing tab.
  • 2. You will see your total current balance and past due amounts highlighted in yellow.
  • 3. If you have multiple appointment dates with outstanding balances, these charges will be broken down by appointment date.
  • 4. To make a payment on a single charge line, click Pay now on the desired charge line, or place a checkmark in the box on that charge line and click on Pay Selected below.
  • 5. To make a payment on multiple charge lines, place checkmarks in the boxes on the desired charge lines and click on Pay Selected below.
  • 6. To pay your balance in full, click on Pay Total ($)
  • 7. On the screen that pops up, enter your PIN number, phone number and date of birth.
  • 8. Enter the payment amount, your credit card information, and your billing address.
  • 9. Click on Continue.
  • 10. Review the information and if it is correct, click on Submit payment.
  • 11. You will be able to print a receipt after submitting the payment.

Why am I not receiving a statement in the mail?
Paperless statements are selected by default when you first login to the portal, unless you indicate otherwise.   To change this option, navigate to the My Profile link on the left hand side of the page, within the patient portal.   Then select Contact Preferences from the additional selections.   Scroll down to the bottom of the page and look for:

  Go paperless and receive your statements online

Deselect the check box and click Save.

* Paperless statements are a simple way to reduce your environmental impact. By checking the checkbox, you allow us to cut down on paper and manage your billing online. 

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Where is OccuHealth?
OccuHealth is located on the first floor.   Enter through the second set of double doors and follow the counter around to the right. The OccuHealth check-in desk will be down the hall on the right side.

Do I need an appointment?
Yes, if you are in need of a physical for your employer.   Drug screens are walk-in, 8am – 4:30pm M-F.

Do I need to bring picture ID?
Yes, services cannot be provided without valid picture ID.

Do you take personal checks?
OccuHealth only accepts cash or credit cards (Visa, Master Card, and Discover).

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(NOTE: If you are suffering a medical emergency, please call 911)