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Chronic Pain Support

Evergreen Family medicine offers a chronic pain management class to all our patients who require regular use of pain medications

This is an integral part of Evergreen’s commitment to treat chronic pain responsibly. Our groups include both an educational and group counseling component.

We require all EFM patients treated with narcotics for chronic pain to attend one class per year as a condition of their contract with us. Their insurance is billed for one visit annually at the time a personal assessment of mood, function and quality of life is completed. But patients are encouraged to attend all 6 sessions (every other month) at no additional charge.


This is an example of presentation topics:

  • Class 1: Chronic Pain Management: An Overview:             Dr. Tim Powell

  • Class 2: Chronic Pain: Physiology and Pharmacology:       Dr Natalie Moffett

  • Class 3: Chronic Pain: Alternative Treatments                     Dr. Dustin Meyers

  • Class 4:  Chronic Pain: The role of Physical Therapy           Brian Saling, DPT, AIM

  • Class 5:  Chronic Pain: Measuring Success                           Dr. Brandon Bonds

  • Class 6: Not losing yourself to chronic pain                         Dr. Shelley Brittain


Most patients who attend these group sessions have found them very helpful. We have made these classes available both in person and online. Our schedule is on the website. Please join us by signing up below.