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The Bestie Bag

Written By: Stacie Hanna, CNM I was inspired to make the ‘Bestie Bag’ when my oldest daughter came home from school in the 5th grade, after learning about human growth and development. She was given a small bag containing a couple pads and deodorant. I learned that the teachers at her school made the bags themselves, but that most schools don’t distribute any bags at all.

Evergreen Women’s Health recognizes that puberty can be a very confusing and exciting time in a young girl’s life. My hope was to provide some ease during this time by having a cute and discreet place to store pads, tampons, and more. I wanted young girls to feel empowered in their changing bodies, and not be afraid or embarrassed of them.

So, I reached out to my supervisors at Evergreen: Director of Women’s Health Dr. Mary Powell and Chief Operating Officer of Evergreen Family Medicine and Women’s Health Kim Tyree. I expressed my desire to bring this project to life, and they gave me the green light to begin collecting resources. I reached out to my friend and cosmetic bag maker, Megan Crouch at Needle & Oak, and she was excited to contribute. The ‘Bestie Bag’ was born!

The goal is to distribute handmade ’Bestie Bags’ to Douglas County elementary schools each year, to provide to fifth grade girls during their human growth and development lesson. Each cute bag includes pads, deodorant, lip balm, a hair tie and clips. Like your best friend, you’re going to want this bag by your side.


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