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Drug Screen/Breath Alcohol Collection

Drug Screen/Breath Alcohol Collection Site – Complete a Company setup form or send your collection protocol to f. 541.677.7478 or email to to get set up for collections today.  FormFox eCCF processing available.

In-House MRO John Powell, MD, MRO  AAMRO #131208143

Company Information Sheet
Download PDF • 89KB

Federally Regulated (DOT) Testing

             Certified DOT Urine Collectors certified by Alcopro

             Certified Breath Alcohol Technicians certified by Alcopro

                 Breath Alcohol Equipment

                             Alco-Sensor RBT VXL

                             Alcomonitor CC

Non-Regulated testing for Drugs of Abuse with Metox Labs 

5 Panel     Instant 5 Panel

7 Panel

10 Panel     Instant 10 Panel

Healthcare Worker Panel

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