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Evergreen Newsletter

December 2022

Evergreen's Reflection of the Year

End of Year Reflection for Women’s Health
A Message from Jennifer Estrada

Clinical and Front Office Manager 
Evergreen Family Practice and Women's Health 

We have had a number of changes in our department this year.  We welcomed Kolby Wade CNM and Alyssa Emo DO. They have been wonderful additions to our team. Both are very patient oriented and have a great “Team” mindset.


With new providers comes new staff. We have been very fortunate to have been able to hire individuals with good work ethic and patient focus. They have only made a strong group even stronger.


We are also welcoming new little family members and we couldn’t be more excited. Baby CeCe (Dr. Oler’s baby) is the first of four little ones we are looking forward to meeting in the next few months.


I’m proud of my staff. The longer term employees have pushed through some rough days and they do so with grace and dignity. The new employees have hit the ground running, they have learned quickly and had a great attitude during it all.


This is a team I am so proud to be a part of.



Women’s Health

Looking Back at 2022 with Family Practice Edenbower
A Message by Ronda Powell

Front office manager for Edenbower


It has been an exciting year in Family Practice.  We have had quite a few things going on…

Evergreen Family Medicine welcomes Delanie Hanson, PA-C to the Evergreen Family! She is located upstairs at the Edenbower Clinic.

We look forward to building relationships and establishing patients

within her care.

We added a new Pediatric Endocrinologist, Dr. Michael Racine.  He has been a tremendous addition to our team, and as the only Pediatric Endocrinologist in Douglas County he has been welcomed with open arms.

We have streamlined the Endocrinology Department referral and scheduling process to focus more on patient care, while improving the scheduling utilization, for both Dr. Racine and Dr. Clyde.  Patients are contacted several days before their scheduled appointments, ensuring that we can back-fill any openings and move patients to earlier appointments while filling any gaps within the provider’s schedules.

Family Practice has reached many goals for scheduling patients for various preventative visits, helping to keep our patient population well. We see everything from Newborn, Well Child, Physicals, CAV (Comprehensive Annual Visits), to Medicare Wellness Visits. Additionally, we have worked at multiple events to ensure students have their required sports physicals, wellness check-ups and immunizations before the start of the school year.

Family Practice providers have continually made themselves available to patients by double and sometimes triple booking to see as many patients as possible during the day - including overflow from Urgent Care, as needed, to avoid delaying patient care.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from Evergreen Urgent Care


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

Christi Cornelius

Urgent Care front office manager

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! We want to wish everyone a happy and joyous holiday season as we begin to settle into winter. With winter, brings on the cold and flu season and it is in full swing at the Evergreen Urgent Care.

We are adding more smiling faces to our Urgent Care Front Office Team so that we can ensure that we are able to provide the best patient care possible. We appreciate your patience while we work to get every patient seen as soon as possible, while training our newest Team members.


Urgent Care Reflection

Kay Carlyle RN

Evergreen Urgent Care Clinical Manager

The last year has come and gone so quickly. The Urgent Care has remained busy even with COVID being a post-pandemic. What we continue to see in the Urgent Care is that “Our” community knows that Evergreen Family Medicine and the Urgent Care are here for the patients and will continue to do whatever it takes to meet their needs. From one-on-one patient care, to Monoclonal Antibody Treatments, to shorter patient wait times, to later nights keeping them out of the hospital. “Evergreen Family Medicine” will continue to provide for our community.

The resilience of the Evergreen Urgent Care Team has been remarkable. They have met every challenge from high patient volumes, staff shortages, staff burn-out, and long worker hours with perseverance, dedication, hard-work, integrity, and teamwork. All which embody Evergreens S.P.I.R.I.T standards. As the UC Clinical Manager, I am so incredibly proud of our team and how we have risen to every challenge that has come our way.

2022 Reflection for IT
A message by Crystal Lane

IT Lead/ EHR Specialist

The last few years have come with great challenges; however, I feel that Evergreen has continued to thrive during these unprecedented times. For the IT department, I feel that we have had our own challenges to overcome and with those challenges we have had significant improvement and growth as a department as well as individuals.

In late 2021, we gained our Desktop Support Agent, Jordan Kottmyer. 


He has been an excellent addition to not only the IT department but to Evergreen in general. He works hard to make sure that all the EFM computer equipment and accessories are up to date and that all issues are addressed in a timely manner with professionalism. Jordan has also taken on the technical aspect of clinical support including Athena support, TytoCare, VitelNet, RetinaVue, Zio, Phreesia, and SBHC support and events as well as staff training.

In 2022, our Systems Administrator, Jacob Moran, was able to complete extensive security hardening and upgrades to protect Evergreens network from cyberattacks and optimize the flow of our email. He did extensive work throughout the year and continues to make sure that Evergreen’s network is not only more reliable but also safer and stronger.

Our IT Content Management Specialist, Cody Flock, had begun working on reformatting Evergreen’s website to provide as much information to our patients and the community regarding what Evergreen has to offer as well as ease for accessing our forms and patient portal. Cody continues to work on our intranet to make sure that the staff have one place to access all the programs and resources that they may need and so much more. He has played a vey important role in improving the automation process for patients and staff.

As for myself, Crystal Lane, I have taken on the role as the IT Lead as well as continue to be the EHR specialist here at Evergreen.

As a team we have successfully introduced and put into service Telehealth, Retinal Camera’s, TytoCare for SBHC, and iRhythm for the Zio patches. We continue to monitor the processes and support the staff in all clinical and technical aspects that we can.

I am proud to say I work at Evergreen and am a part of the Evergreen IT team. I look forward to seeing what the future holds not only for the practice but for the patients in our community.

End of Year for Harvard Medical Records,
Call Center, and Referrals

A message by Angie Alexander

Harvard Medical Records/ Referrals/ Call Center Manager

aalexander (1).jpg

I feel that our department has grown into a family in the last year. 

We have seen ups and downs in our personal & professional lives and have come together to help as a unit wherever we can.  We have cross-trained within our departments to build a strong, professional team. We have done things like fundraising, and donating needed PTO to help where needed in our professional lives.  I feel this has made us a very unique department and family.


I feel that our department has grown into a family in the last year.  We have seen ups and downs in our

Personal & professional lives and have come together to help as a unit wherever we can.  We have

Cross trained within our departments to build a strong team professionally. We have done things

Like fundraising, donating needed PTO to help where needed in our professional lives.  I feel this has

Made us a very unique department and family.




OccuHealth Reflects
on 2022

A message by Beth Bunt

OccuHealth Management 

2022 is the year the World tried to get back to normal.  For OccuHealth, that meant getting the community back to work.  The Summer months exploded with New Hires for local businesses.  Switching gears from working the COVID clinic did not mean switching speeds.  Our loyal, hardworking staff were running just as hard, just with a different group of patients.  Getting Re-Staffed was a priority for all, including us.  We have added a few new faces to our group and are excited for the potential that 2023 has to offer us.  We are thankful for our Team and thankful to play such a vital role for our community.


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