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Diabetes Support Group

Evergreen Diabetes Group


  • 8 Encounters over 4 months

  • 90-minute sessions with diabetic specialists

  • Includes private visit with faculty provider

  • Innovative intensive program to improve understanding and management of diabetes

  • Resources and problem solving

  • Insurance billing

  • Communication with your PCP

  • Limited to EFM patients

  • Continuous rotation of classes. Join at any time

Course Topics:

  • Understanding Diabetes

  • Which numbers matter and why?

  • Eating to feel better, manage weight and live longer

  • Treating diabetes without insulin

  • Treating diabetes with insulin

  • Making healthy life choices

  • Reducing diabetic complications

  • Living well with diabetes – problem solving

To Register, Ask Your EFM Provider for Referral or Call


2570 NW Edenbower Blvd. STE 100

  • Location: 2nd floor Board Room, EFM Edenbower Clinic

  • When: First and Third Tuesday each month 3 PM to 4:30 PM

  • Registration is required

EFM Faculty:

  • Dr. Patrick Clyde, Adult Endocrinology

  • Dr. Michael Racine, Adult and Pediatric Endocrinology

  • Dr. Dustin Meyers, Family Medicine

  • Dr. Shaina Yecha, Family Medicine

  • Scott Goebel, PA

  • Michael Graham, PA

  • Emma Speer, RN, Diabetic Educator

  • Teresa Martin, RD, CDE

What to expect:

  • Presentation of topic by EFM Faculty

  • Group questions and discussion

  • Private visit with provider to personalize information

  • Resources pertinent to topic

  • Communication with PCP

  • Problem solving at every encounter

Together, we can do better:

$1 out of every $4 in US health care costs is spent on caring for people with diabetes.

But the highest cost is the loss of life due to poorly controlled diabetes and its complications.


Working together, we can do better.

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