Evergreen's Safety Measures


Employee wellness screenings daily

Increased disinfection schedules


Separation of well and sick patients

Patient wellness screenings upon entering all Evergreen facilities


Covid Vaccinations

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Urgent Care News Review

Evergreen Meets Covid Challenges
Evergreen’s goal was clear during Covid. Treat the sick while protecting the well.  Not simple, but attainable with careful planning and a great Urgent Care team.
Early on, EFM Administration afforded the Urgent Care team the ability to be proactive and innovative in their approach.  Working closely with other departments, policies and protocols were set in place preparing for every possible scenario.
When the county began to fall ill, EFM’s Urgent Care planning and resources were critical. Flexibility, cohesiveness, accumulating knowledge and working with community partners allowed them to stay one step ahead. EFM was screening patients prior to the first reported US illness and prepared for shortages, closures and restrictions weeks before they were mandated.  
Staff members worked together to create a mobile exam room to facilitate curbside and care home visits.  Providers extended telehealth to evaluate patients unable to come to clinic.  Daily workflow changes and maximizing technology ensured separation of ill patients from well ones.
EFM’s Urgent Care team will continue to innovate and be available for whatever 2021 brings.  Urgent Care managers promised, “we will be here in the clinic, we will be curbside, rain or shine, we will be wherever the community needs us to be.  We will continue to earn the trust the public has given us”.
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