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School Base Health Care

     Many children lack access to regular health care. Parents who work find it difficult to take time off to take their child to their provider. Evergreen Family Medicine has offered to partner with the school districts to provide healthcare within every school in Douglas County. We are offering these services to every student. You do not need to be a patient at Evergreen, we just need the parent’s consent. We will send the notes to your regular primary care provider. Notes will also be available to parents. We are committed to providing access to healthcare to every child in Douglas County.



  • Primary Care Visits

  • Acute Care Visits

  • Vaccinations

  • OHP Registration Support

  • Referrals to and coordination of referrals

  • Behavioral and mental health

  • Women's Healthcare

  • Onsite basic lab testing

     If your child is enrolled in one of our partnering districts you can sign the School Based Telehealth Consent Form below to register online. Consent is valid for one school year. Evergreen is currently partnered with the Glide, South Umpqua, and Winston-Dillard school districts as well as the Boys & Girls club. 


SBHC Flyer.png

School Based Health Forms

Learn more about Tytocare

With the ability to conduct comprehensive examination of ears, lungs, heart, throat, heart rate, temperature, skin, abdomen, and more. Evergreen partners with Tytocare to provide access to high quality affordable health care with no compromises. Click here to learn more about this product.

The care of the local primary care providers you know now able to provide better care from anywhere for the entire family.

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