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Welcome to our new Electronic Newsletter! Our goal is to use this platform to keep patients updated with new activities in our clinic, as well as help patients learn more about our staff and who we are. 

Evergreen Newsletter

J A N U A R Y    2018

The answer is probably  yes if you are:

  • age older than 6 months

  • not allergic to eggs

  • have no history of Guillain Barre Syndrome

  • do not have a fever 

Do you need a flu shot?

Your risk of influenza related complications increases if you are:

  • younger than age 5

  • older than age 65

  • pregnant 

  • have one of many chronic illnesses such as diabetes, asthma, COPD, or heart disease


Evergreen Family Medicine is a Certified

Patient Centered Primary Care Home 

What does that mean? 

A PCPCH (Patient Centered Primary Care Home) is a model of care that focuses on keeping patients healthy rather than focusing on treating illness. It replaces episodic care based on illness with coordinated, comprehensive, long term primary care through an integrated healthcare team. Medical homes also strive to improve the patient experience of care, improve the health of the patient population, and reduce healthcare costs. 

Evergreen has made several changes over the last few years in efforts to fulfill this mission. A few examples of what we do to meet our patients' needs within this care model are as follows: we offer appointments early in the morning, offer assistance 24/7 on the phone, and provide hospital care to Family Practice patients. We will highlight other aspects of a medical home in future newsletters. 

Who's that other guy?


Technology is not going away. At Evergreen, we try very hard to make it work for us rather than work against us. One way we are doing that is with the use of scribes. A scribe is present in an unobtrusive way via the computer. The scribe allows your provider to consult their personal computer as necessary for data, but otherwise depend on the scribe to record information and place orders.

They remove the computer between the provider and patient so we can just visit. You will also know exactly what is going into your chart because you can hear us describe that to the scribe. And yes, the scribe, like all of our employees, is committed ethically and legally to confidentiality. We hope this innovation makes your visit with us more personal and satisfying. It also helps the provider not to spend evening hours typing reports rather than enjoying time with their own family.

When Evergreen first moved into our new building, there was only one provider in each pod and the building seemed huge. Now we are using every inch of our building. It looks like it is time to build another one! 


Acute bronchitis is a common cause for a cough, especially in the winter months. The cough can include mucous or be dry in nature. It generally lasts 7-21 days and is most commonly caused by a virus (these viruses include but are not limited to influenza, rhinovirus, and RSV). 


Bronchitis is diagnosed in the clinic and can be treated with increased fluid intake, cough suppressants, and rest.

Antibiotics are not used to treat bronchitis because it is viral in nature.


why we love our new check-in system

     Good customer service and managing patient information securely and efficiently are some of the top concerns at Evergreen. The introduction of Phreesia to our check-in workflow has been key to helping us achieve higher standards in both of these areas. 

     At first glance, Phreesia may seem as if technology is taking the place of human contact.  This, however, is actually the opposite of the positive impact Phreesia has on the patient-practice relationship. Because of Phreesia, we are allowed time to connect with our patients and can protect private patient information. 


  • Check in time averages 5 minutes instead of 15

  • Personal information reviewed on screen privately instead of out loud

  • Signatures consolidated and prompted only once yearly

  • Demographic data integrates automatically without human error opportunities

  • Clinical history integrates automatically with no human error opportunities

  • Forms automatically populate into the medical record instead of being uploaded by individuals

  • Review balances, make payments and payment plans privately on the pad itself

  • Less paperwork leaves more time for connecting with patients

provider features

Evergreen Talks 

March 8, 2018

       6:00 PM

Mercy Medical Center 

Conference Room A 

2700 NW Stewart Pkwy

"An End of Life Discussion"

Evergreen will be hosting a quarterly group discussion on various healthcare related topics. These events will be open to the community and will be held at Mercy Medical Center. 

Additional meetings will be announced at a later date. 

with Dr. Tim Powell and Dr. Shelley Brittain

Pictured: Alicia and Dempsie hiking and fishing in Alaska, August 2017. 

Get to

Know Alicia

  • She has lived in 5 states, and has made 7 major moves in the last 7 years during her schooling (MA, WV, OH, OR, PA, OH, OR)

  • She has two kittens named Sheldon and Leonard

  • One of the best jobs she ever had was working as an Art teacher at a summer camp

  • In her free time, she likes hiking, gardening, and traveling to new places

  • Her family is a big card playing family- that is something she still does with them when she visits home 

  • She has a good singing voice and sang in a band for church for years

  • She would love to visit Scotland and Ireland someday

Alicia Morrison, FNP 

Specializing in Diabetes 

Alicia and her husband, Dempsie (who is a local Gastroenterologist), moved to Roseburg in July of 2017. She began working at Evergreen Family Medicine in November of 2017. She works closely with our Endocrinologist to maintain the care of patients who have Diabetes. She will be one of the instructors for our new DEEP Class (Diabetes Education Empowerment Program) that will be starting later this year. 



Dr. Burns

Pictured top to bottom: His wife and daughter, playing in his son's band, his two sons.

Steven Burns, MD 

Urgent Care Provider 

Dr. Burns currently works in our Urgent Care, and has for several years. He feels happy living here in Roseburg, and believes it is the nicest place on earth. He enjoys playing music and is a guitarist, drummer, and harmonica player. 

Fun facts: 

  • He was the last plantation doctor on the island of Oahu

  • He was the Medical Director of the Karuk Tribe in CA for ten years

  • He was a professional flamenco guitarist 

  • In his free time, he likes playing music, singing songs, watching movies

  • He is the drummer in his son's band, and they put on local concerts together

Thank you for reading! Our next Evergreen Newsletter will be released in March. 

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