Evergreen Urgent Care

Often times illnesses and injuries come on all of a sudden.  It is during these times that you must ask yourself what the best course of action is in seeking medical attention.  Do you call your primary care provider (PCP)?  Do you go to the

Emergency Room?  Or do you visit the Urgent Care?   

Evergreen Urgent Care Team is here to provide a variety of services for treatment of many medical needs.  When ill or injured, your PCP is the best resource for determining where you should

seek treatment. Evergreen Family Practice can be reached at 541-677-7200 and they will ensure your medical situation is promptly evaluated so that you can go to the medical setting that best suits your needs.    


By working closely with our Evergreen Family Practice clinics, patients are now able to get Urgent Care appointments scheduled to minimize the wait for treatment.   

Urgent Care Hours of Operation: 

Monday-Friday 7am-7pm 

Saturday-Sunday 9am-5pm 

Evergreen Awarded

2019 HPV Vaccination Excellence

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