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Evergreen Newsletter

June 2022

Women's Health

Evergreen Women’s Health has had a great turnout for the Baby Beginnings class this quarter. Attending this class allows our patients to gain knowledge regarding the pregnancy and childbirth process along with giving them intimate access to our many talented and passionate providers. 


If you are interested in registering for

the next Baby Beginnings Class, contact

us at (541) 464-6464 Ext: 2338.

Jennifer Estrada
Women’s Health Manager
Baby Beginnings 1 (2).png

The addition of Kolby Wade, CNM, has been phenomenal.  He is a compassionate and intelligent individual that both patients and staff enjoy. Click on his name above to read his bio!


We are looking forward to the addition of Dr. Alyssa Emo in September.

Urgent Care

Evergreen Urgent Care is an ever revolving door of patients, phone calls and a great resource of public information.  During my short time as the new Manager, we have hired 3 new employees, had a seasonal employee return and are in the process of hiring one full-time employee.  With all of the constant movement,  the staff has been doing a wonderful job of training, getting to know me and each other, all while giving outstanding support to our patients.   All other departments have been extremely supportive of our efforts of training, streamlining processes, and evaluating ways of doing our job more effectively and efficiently so that we can improve our level of care for our patients.  We encourage everyone to stop by to meet our new team .

Christina Cornelius
Front Office Manager
Bre Callahan
Pediatric Wellness &
Vaccine Manager
COVID-19 Update
Beth Bunt
Occupational Health Manager
Occupational Health

Work Comp Corner - FAQs


How do I know if my employer has insurance that covers me if I get hurt?

All Oregon employers are required to provide Work Comp Insurance coverage for anyone who qualifies as an employee.  When you contact your employers HR or  Safety Department to file your accident form, you can find out who your Work  Comp Insurer is.


Does EFM see patients who are injured at work?

Yes, EFM Urgent Care is contracted with most Work Comp Insurances.  Injured workers can check in to Urgent Care for initial evaluation and treatment of their injury that is no more than 90 days old.   Follow-up visits will then be conducted through our specialized Workers Compensation Clinic as needed to support the patient to a medically stationary status.


My Primary Care Provider (PCP) is at EFM, can I just have them evaluate my injury?

Unfortunately, No.  Only Urgent Care/Work Comp Providers are contracted with the correct insurance carriers to ensure you don’t pay out of pocket for your injury.  If your PCP orders imaging for a Work Comp Injury, you could end up financially responsible for the cost.


I was initially seen at another hospital of facility for my injury, can I make an appointment with an EFM Work Comp Provider?

Potentially.  Call our Work Comp Coordinators at 541-957-1111, they can arrange for a provider to review your records and the status of your claim and with approval will schedule you an appointment.


I have questions about my rights and benefits as an injured worker, who can I call?

          The Ombuds Office at 800-927-1271 has an independent advocate for workers. 


Now Hiring At Evergreen!

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