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Evergreen Newsletter

October 2020

We Welcome Our New Providers to Evergreen!

We are so glad to have these fine, skilled, individuals join the Evergreen family.
Click on their picture to learn more about each of them.
KFuqua .jpg

Krista Fuqua, PMHNP

Joined Edenbower 6/1/20


Emmanuel Okenye, DO

Joined Harvard 6/29/20


Dustin Meyers, MD

Joined Edenbower 8/3/20

Britain Parrish-Badge.jpg

Britain Parrish, MD

Joined Harvard 9/21/20


Natalie Moffett, MD

Joined Edenbower 8/3/20

Pamela Anderson-Badge.jpg

Pam Anderson, DO

Joined Harvard 9/21/20

What Makes a Hero?


This year, the entire EFM team did not waiver when they were asked to

be ‘better’ for the good of the community.  Even before the first major

COVID outbreak in the U.S., EFM’s administrative team was working

hard creating new protocols to ensure the ability to protect and care for

the community no matter how the spread of the disease impacted them. 

With little known about the illness, this was no easy feat; every single

scenario would have to be anticipated.

Within minutes of the first discussion, the #1 goal was decided on

unanimously; Keep healthy patients healthy while still providing them

with  great care AND care for ill patients when they needed it the most. 

Every decision, protocol change or policy implementation from that point

further was made with this goal in mind.

The Urgent Care team would play a pivotal role in ensuring this goal was

met because it was decided that No ill patient would be seen in Family

Practice, we would designate that area for well patients only.  Every ill

patient regardless of their appointment type would be treated as

possibly infectious and would have their visit in the Urgent Care. 

When Urgent Care Staff was presented with the plan, there were a

few questions (most without answers), but overall, there was no

hesitancy to be a part of this fight.  They were excited by the

challenge and grateful to be able to make a positive impact.

It takes a very special individual to charge into the unknown for the

greater good. It is extraordinary to have an entire team of individuals

who are willing to take on that unknown even with potential risks to

their own health and potentially the health of their loved ones. 

As answers about the disease trickled in, the Urgent Care staff grew

more and more confident in their role but stayed vigilant in their

efforts to fulfill the #1 goal.

Staff has endured 8 long months of daily protocol changes, the ups

and downs of treating very ill patients, public scrutiny with every

movement in and out of the clinic, the first POSITIVE in the clinic, the

risk of quarantine and strict State mandates all while trying to provide

the better care required of them.  They are doing a great job and

have done it all with heads held high and a smile on their face. 

Because of their dedication and sacrifice during this crisis, Family

Practice was able to continue seeing patients in clinic with

confidence that they weren’t being unnecessarily exposed to the


This team demonstrates all the values of a Hero.


“Kudos to our Urgent Care Staff!  From day one, Urgent Care has been ready to help us through all the twists, turns and challenges presented by the COVID pandemic.  After moving from a busy flu season into the uncertainty of COVID-19, our family medicine clinics were able to confidently refer patients to the urgent care for assessment and treatment of acute respiratory symptoms.  Their continued availability allows us to assure our well patients of our ongoing efforts to limit their potential for exposure to COVID 19 in this clinic setting and limits the potential for clinic staff exposure, allowing us to remain well to deliver care to all.  I am also sincerely grateful for each of the urgent care providers for the work they do every day.  My thanks to you all” 

~Shelley Brittain, MD Family Practice

“The Urgent Care staff has made a huge sacrifice during the past 8 months.  They have dedicated themselves to providing a safe place for their community to come during a worldwide pandemic.  With everything changing daily, the Urgent Care staff dedicates their time and patience to making every patient who walks through the door feel secure, safe and confident that this is the place they want to be.  I’m grateful to be a part of such an awe-inspiring medical facility.”

~Marissa Hyne, Urgent Care Front Office Manager

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Urgent Care Staff.jpg

"There’s been a lot of changes and unknowns this year, which for some, can lead to fear.  But for the Urgent Care, this is a part of everyday life…not knowing what is going to come in next and being as prepared as we can.  It takes a certain type of person, dedication, and adaptability to make.  Our team succeed in providing excellent patient care.  We have faced these recent changes and unknowns head-on and, in the process, have further strengthened our necessary bond.  Our staff has continuously shown genuine care and concern not only for our patients but for fellow coworkers.  This willingness and adaptability have also helped keep our patients and each other safe during this pandemic.  I am proud to be a part of our Evergreen Urgent Care Team.” ~Samantha Kelley, Urgent Care Clinical Manager.

"Nothing is so much to be feared as fear.”

An easy statement to say but much harder to live. I shared this journal entry by Henry David Thoreau with our staff in March and remain confident that COVID-19 epidemiological data and research supports this perspective.  Nevertheless, the pandemic fear factor portrayed by the media and others can be oppressive. Our team has remained focused on meeting our community’s acute care needs despite risks because that is our duty. I am so grateful and privileged to work with such an excellent group of Urgent Care front and back office staff who have accepted their responsibility with grace and dignity. Thank You

~John Powell, MD Urgent Care

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Urgent Care Men.jpg
Staff URgent Care.png

Urgent Care


“Evergreen employees pride themselves on being aware of our community needs, proactive in our actions and dedicating every decision to providing better patient care, regardless of the sacrifice involved.  At EFM, when we strive to be better, it’s not better than the worst or better than the next guy, it’s better than the best, better than we did yesterday, even if yesterday was great, and better than even we expected we could be.  This vision is why most of us work here. It’s why I am grateful to be a member of this team.” 

~Beth Bunt, Urgent Care Management


Billing Tips

Dear Evergreen Family Medicine Patients, we are so happy to be able to reach out and communicate on how we can work together to make sure that we are not only providing great care but excellent service with your billing.  Below are helpful tips that we hope will help accomplish this.


Call or go online with your insurance and ask the following:

1.)  Is my provider in network or out of network?

      This can change how the insurance pays on your claim.

2.)  Does my insurance require me to choose a PCP (Primary Care Physician)?

3.)  Do I have a Co-pay? How much? 

      This is usually a fixed amount you pay whenever you receive certain health care services or get

      prescription drugs. Copays may apply before and after you hit your deductible. A copay is different

      from coinsurance, which only applies after reaching your deductible and is the percentage of your

      final bill that you pay.

4.)  What is my deductible?

      This is the amount you pay for covered health care services before your insurance plan starts to pay.

5.)  What services are considered preventative care?

      This is the care you receive to prevent illnesses or diseases.  These services are usually covered for

      free and include such things as screening and immunizations. 

6.)  Do I have a primary and a secondary insurance?

      Secondary Insurance is a health insurance plan that covers you in addition to your primary

      insurance plan. Typically, secondary insurance is billed when your primary insurance plan is

      exhausted and may help cover additional health care costs. For example, if you already have

      insurance through your employer and choose to enroll with your spouse’s health insurance plan (if

      allowed), that coverage would become your secondary insurance. It is so important to provide a copy

      of the insurance cards and clearly communicate which is primary and which is secondary. Make sure

      that you instruct that card to be applied to all family members under that plan. 


7.) COB Coordination of Benefits policies create a framework for two insurance companies, if you have

      two, to work together to coordinate benefits so they pay their fair share. The primary plan pays its

      share of the costs first. Then, the secondary insurer may pay up to 100% of the total cost of care, as

      long as, it's covered under the plans.  It is extremely important that you communicate to both plans

      and make sure they know about the other.  It is also imperative that if you cancel or if there is a

      change that you communicate to the other plan.


8.) Billing your Insurance is a courtesy.  We accept assignment of benefits for primary and secondary

      insurance. It is your responsibility to provide our office with complete and accurate insurance or

      billing information at the time of service. Our office cannot guarantee the amount that an insurance 

      company will pay. Your insurance is a contract between you and the insurance company.  We are not

      a party to this contract.  We do not guarantee payment.

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