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The Rewards of Working at Evergreen Women's Health

Being a receptionist in Women’s Health is a little different than your typical front desk position. Find out what makes it so rewarding in this Women's Health blog.

Written by:

Natasha Anderson,

Women's Health Receptionist

Being a receptionist in Women’s Health is a little different than your typical front desk position. In Women’s Health we are assigned teams – for example: a Provider, a Medical Assistant, and a Receptionist make up a team. The receptionist’s responsibility is to make sure the provider’s schedule is fluent and all things are accurate and up to date with the patients. They are communicating with the medical assistant to get patients in for the appropriate things and handling situations on different emergent levels.

I personally get the honor of being the front office lead and surgical coordinator here in Women’s Health. My job as a lead is to make sure the front office has what they need to run smoothly. I overlook the providers schedules, and support the front office with anything they may need. Being a surgical coordinator, I get to schedule the surgeries the provider’s order. I make sure the patient’s insurance does not require authorization, and if they do, I am responsible for getting that authorization. This can be a challenging process in my position. Some insurances can contest approval for a surgery for multiple reasons.

I have personally dealt with a lot of female issues for a very long time starting at a young age. In my younger years it was difficult to get insurance to approve surgeries, treatments, etc. and often, by the time I went to the doctor it was because I was at my breaking point. So, when a patient comes in needing desperate relief I can relate to the emotions of dealing with insurance putting up a fight for services. I think it also leads to why being a surgical coordinator is so rewarding. When I call patients to let them know the provider and I got their surgery approved, hearing their relief and thankfulness is a great feeling – because I have been on the other end of this situation.

One of my other most favorite things about working in the front office of Women’s Health is our obstetric patients. We are the first people they talk to when they call to schedule an intake and dating ultrasound, and often we are first people to even find out about their pregnancy. It’s hearing that excitement in their voice when they call, whether it be due to them trying for a very long time, or the pregnancy being a surprise that brings a lot of joy. Then we get to see them all throughout their pregnancy from

beginning to end. We are their home team. We develop relationships with these patients. We are the ones who are taking that first call if there is a question or concern, and we are the ones they first see when coming into our office. Truly, it all starts with our front office. With joy, also come hard times, and we too are the ones who take those first calls. In Women’s Health our front office has been amazing at being a supporting and listening ear for those patients. Again, this is why so often we develop such great relationships with our patients.

I take great pride in my job and what I do here at Evergreen Women’s Health. I think due to my personal medical history it really speaks to me – because I want to be able to help others who are going through hard times with their own female reproductive health.


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