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Hospital care by Evergreen providers

Any Family Practice patient who is admitted to Mercy Medical Center for inpatient care should inform the hospital staff who his/her primary care provider is. By doing so, patients will be identified as Evergreen patients and will be seen by one of our physicians who provides hospital care. We have a group of physicians who rotate through a schedule at the hospital during the days and weekends to provide compassionate and knowledgeable care to our patients. If a need arises during the night, care will be provided by one of Mercy Medical Center’s highly trained hospitalists until the Evergreen physician arrives the next day.

As patients are preparing for discharge from the hospital, our Community Care Coordinator will work with the discharging physician and the patient to acquire any needed services and make the discharge process as smooth as possible.

A few days after being discharged from the hospital, patients can expect to be contacted by a staff member from the Transition of Care department. This staff member will check on the patient, reconcile medications, and schedule a follow-up appointment at the office.

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