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Obstetric Care

Medical care provided during pregnancy, childbirth, and immediately postpartum. This care involves the assessment of the health of the mother and fetus, monitoring of the pregnancy, provision of medical interventions as needed, and support for the physical and emotional well-being of the mother and her newborn.

Prenatal Care

Focuses on the health of the mother and developing fetus before birth. It involves regular check-ups and assessments to monitor the growth and development of the fetus, identify any potential complications, and provide education and support to the mother to ensure a health pregnancy and birth. Prenatal care includes medical interventions such as ultrasounds, blood tests, and screening for genetic disorders, as well as lifestyle guidance such as nutrition advice, exercise recommendations, and support.


Post-Partum Care

The medical and emotional care provided after birth involving monitoring mother's physical and mental health as well as managing any complications that may arise after delivery and helping the mother bond with her baby and adjust to the challenges of taking care of a newborn. This may include routine check-ups, advice on breastfeeding, guidance on exercise and nutrition, counseling on postpartum depression or anxiety, and support with household tasks and childcare. The aim is to ensure the wellbeing of the mother and her baby during the critical first few weeks after delivery.

Beautiful Beginnings Prenatal classes

Baby Beginnings Program set

  • Community resources

  • Doula services

  • Finding newborn PCP

  • Scheduling new baby appointments

  • Scheduling circumcisions

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