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Ryan Melton

BHC Director

Dr. Melton earned his Ph. D. in 2012 from Oregon State University.  Dr. Melton has published multiple papers, treatment manuals and textbook chapters, and is a TED speaker and has presented at local, national and international conferences. Dr. Melton’s research focus is on the impact of interventions with individuals experiencing early symptoms of mental illness, engagement strategies, effective treatment and reducing duration of untreated mental illness. Dr. Melton is certified in providing training for Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Feedback Informed Treatment, using the Structured Interview for DSM 5 disorders (SCID) and one of seven individuals in the world certified by Yale University to train clinicians in the use of the Structured Interview for Psychosis Risk Syndromes (SIPS).

He is a strong advocate for the health care needs for individuals with mental health concerns. He has been involved with legislative action to increase mental health access to individuals with severe mental health concerns, including our foster care children, aging population and veterans. 

He is active in volunteerism as he is the active president of the local Rotary Club and serves on three other local boards with missions to support mental, medical and holistic health care. 

Ryan enjoys hiking, running, cycling, playing in the rivers and is a local wine enthusiast. He is married to a school psychologist and a parent of two young daughters. 

Ryan Melton
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