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April 2023 Newsletter

A Message from Beth Bunt

Occupational Health Manager

New Faces in OccuHealth! We are happy to share the smiling faces of our department. Although the employees have been here long enough to be great at their jobs some have come to us during the time of masking so have yet to get a proper introduction. Thank you all for being a part of our team.

A Message from Jennifer Estrada

Women's Health Manager I am very fortunate to work in a specialty where I am reminded on the daily of the importance of new life and new beginnings.

When a new baby is born, it puts all the worlds troubles in a tiny box that you can put in the corner. You know it is there, but you also know you can choose when to open it. During those few weeks you only have eyes for the new life created. You love more, laugh louder and live larger in that time.

The past couple of years have felt more like the 39th week of the pregnancy. Nothing seems the same, you’re waiting for something big to happen, your swollen from nose to toes, you’re constantly needing to pee, everything hurts and you can’t seem to catch your breath. Life just feels difficult.

This coming Spring feels different and I am looking forward to continuing to work with the best, doing our best for all of our patients.

Women’s Health’s Beautiful Beginnings program has been offering pre-natal classes since November of 2020. Providers and staff love being able to educate our soon to be mothers and significant others.

Baby Beginnings is run by CeCe Lynn and has developed into another great program that EFM has to offer. A few of the services provided are:

  • Community needs assessment

  • Doula Services

  • Scheduling the 2 week newborn appointment with EFM providers

  • Scheduling Circumcision appointments

  • Transferring babies to the Baby’s Future program

Women’s Health has also been granted more surgical time. The addition of Dr. Emo has increased our surgeries substantially, making the additional time necessary.

Our staff is dedicated to making each and every patient feel welcome and confident in the care we provide. They uphold our values and structure with a smile and pleasantry in what are often difficult circumstances. To the often unsung heroes I want to say Thank You and I look forward to another period of growth for Women’s Health, Urgent Care, and Family Practice.

A Message from Christina Cornelius

Urgent Care Front Office Manager

New Season / New Life

As the clocks have lent itself to longer days and the weather begins to show signs of Spring approaching, Evergreen Urgent Care Front Office has also tuned over a new leaf. We were excited to celebrate the mask mandate being lifted on April 3rd that will allow our Team member’s smiling faces to once again greet our Patients. Though everyone is free to continue to wear a mask if they feel more comfortable, it is no longer a requirement for all Staff and Patients. Anyone still presenting with flu or COVID symptoms are encouraged to continue to wear a mask when entering the Evergreen Urgent Care.

We have two new Team members that have joined our Team. Jennifer and McKenzie have been working hard on becoming fully trained and acclimated to working as a Receptionist in Urgent Care Front Office. In addition, the entire Team has been completing additional training to ensure our ability to provide the best possible Patient centric care.

Urgent Care has continued to see an increase in Patient activity over last year and we continually working on improving our check in processes to ensure that Patients are having minimal wait times. Saturdays and Sundays are some of the busiest days of the week. Most days we have Patient waiting for us to open.

As Spring begins the opening season for baseball, soccer, and other sports, we are seeing an increase in sports related injuries. It is important to ensure that when bringing in your child for medical attention, it is important you have their insurance information and copy of ID for the adult checking them in. Urgent Care can provide Sports Physicals during any operating hours, the cost is $45 for grades 1-12; and $75 for college physicals.

We wish everyone a happy and healthy Spring season. Get out enjoy the sunshine and beauty of the new season.

A Message from Katherin Carlyle

Urgent Care Clinical Manager

Congratulations, you made it through the last crazy few years! Throughout the pandemic the Urgent Care faced many challenges, from high patient volumes, short staffing and long working hours. All the Evergreen Family Medicine and Urgent Care staff all stepped up to the plate and knocked the ball out of the park. Our community knows that we are here for them and will work to be there for them through thick and thin. Even though the pandemic is fading in the background, the urgent care continues to see high acuity with high patient volumes. Our staff will continue to do what they always do, pandemic or no pandemic, that is "SHOW UP" for our patients. To all the staff at Evergreen Family Medicine Staff, thank you for showing up each and every day. It is all of you that makes the crazy days worth it all! As we move foward, take a deep breath, enjoy the freedom of fresh air and embrace this new beginning. A new beginning to continue to do what Evergreen Family Medicine and Urgent Care does every day, Make a Difference!


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