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Oregonian Response

Jeff Manning’s September 11 article depicted me an anti-vaccine physician dealing in misinformation about the Covid vaccine. That is untrue.

On Friday, September 10, the News Review newspaper in Roseburg published a front page, top headline apology to me for misrepresenting my views regarding Covid vaccines and treatment as expressed on my website.

The next day, the Oregonian posted Manning’s article using the same source and misrepresentation. Passages from my blog, quoted out of context, present the narrative of Mr. Manning. The views he projects as mine are ones I don’t recognize. It’s painful being vilified for positions I do not hold and ideas I have never expressed.

Perhaps the best way to illustrate this deception is juxtaposing what Mr. Manning said I said, next to what I said. No new information. Word for word. With context.

Manning: “Dr. Timothy Powell issued a stunning manifesto questioning the safety and efficacy of the vaccine.”

Powell: “Covid vaccines have unquestionably saved lives. The vaccines have proven highly effective against severe illness leading to hospitalization or death. They are largely safe.”

“I have expressed reservations about mandating the vaccine to children and young health adults. I have advocated for informed consent and personal choice.”

“Protection afforded from covid vaccine is less than the 95% protection promised. Vaccinated individuals can harbor and transmit the virus. Increasing breakthrough infections are being experienced with the delta variant.”

Manning: (Dr. Powell) “questioned why treatments like Ivermectin are being dismissed.”

Powell: “The common thread in social posts is that I am proponent for this drug. I’m really not. I don ’t feel strongly about it. Time will tell. Certainly not a miracle drug. It is such a small part of what we do.”

“We believe we should do more than telling the patient to go home and wait until they desaturate less than 90% and then go to the ED. We are failing our patients if they think the only treatment options are in the hospital.”

“Early treatment of Covid disease and preventing the disease by vaccination are not competing concepts. One does not exclude the other.”

Manning: “His most controversial contention- that the mRNA vaccines pose risks which exceed all other vaccinations broadly employed.”

Powell: “Covid adverse effects reporting system data appear to reflect numbers greater than any other vaccine implemented in the U.S for mass vaccination. The CDC has not convinced the public that side effects are rare and mild.”

“Covid illness in children is generally mild. This impacts parent’s decision making when considering vaccination for their children. Consideration of risk is a reasonable thing. “

Manning: “He accused the Governor and health officials of suppressing “dissenting data” and implementing punitive masking mandates, without offering evidence of them having done so”.

Powell: “Douglas County is experiencing the reality of the delta variant. Mandates of vaccination, without exceptions, and outdoor masking won’t change that.”

I’m not sure what further evidence of mask mandates Manning is looking for to convince himself this is true.

Manning states there is no evidence contrary views are being suppressed, just before he mentions the Federations of State Medical Boards have threatened revocation of license for Doctors guilty of misinformation. He states he contacted the Oregon Medical Board to question whether I might be sanctioned.

Mr. Manning laments the lack of trust leading to the rural/urban divide. This level of journalism does nothing to close that gap. To him I say this. When citizens decline your advice, it’s not because they’re stupid. It is because you have a credibility problem.

To readers of the Oregonian, I ask for the grace of reading my blogs on before judging me.

Dr. Timothy J Powell


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