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Physiologic Birth in Hospital Setting

Written By: Stacie Hanna DNP, CNM

"Physiologic labor and birth is powered by the innate human capacity of woman and fetus. There is no unnecessary intervention that disrupts normal physiologic processes”.

Let’s talk about what a physiologic birth in a hospital looks like:

  • low intervention

  • intermittent monitoring

  • jacuzzi tubs

  • birth balls

  • freedom of movement

  • eating and drinking in labor

  • amazing nurses who provide bedside labor support until I can get to the hospital

  • doula support availability if desired

  • bringing items from home and signs of affirmation to make the space yours

  • pushing and delivery in the position you want

  • dads who assist with the birth

  • immediate skin to skin

  • delayed cord clamping

  • no need to remove baby from your chest until you are ready

  • no NB baths for at least 24 hrs and when you’re ready for one

  • IBCLC and CLC support (lactation specialists)

  • 24-48 hrs of continuous assistance in postpartum and newborn care

Personally, I love ALL births; unmedicated, medicated, upside down 😜. But, just know that you can have the birth plan and birth you want in the hospital setting. So, talk to your midwife/provider. We support you! 💕

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