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Scientific Censorship

On March 18, the governor of Florida held a round table discussion with the physicians and scientists who supported a focused protection approach to this pandemic. They were selected by Governor DeSantis because they provided guidance as Florida instituted their own state policy measures in the fall of 2020. Florida’s policy included an emphasis on returning children to school and avoided “non-essential” business closures. This strategy countered the CDC and WHO recommendations.

Would you like to hear how this approach worked, and the perspectives from scientists who are focused protection advocates from Stanford, Harvard, and Oxford Universities? If you look on YouTube, you can’t. It has been censured.

The YouTube link from the official state government site will display the following screen.

This YouTube action should trouble everyone, even those who oppose the policy. Censorship is not a democrat vs. republican issue. This video does not represent hate speech. This action represents an example of tyranny vs. liberty. These censors think that the public must be protected from these scientists. They think that you are not capable of using your own judgement. I trust people to make up their own minds, even if they disagree with me. Free discourse is foundational to our country’s values. Many have died for that right. Do not allow it to be taken away. Here is another link to the entire conversation.

John Powell M.D.


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